Saturday, April 07, 2007

Council: Mother of Transformation

Mother of Transformation by Caroline
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Human Skull In Canyon De Chelly by Sublime Dharma
and a butterfly I took myself.

I noticed that the current challenge on KaleidoSoul Inner Surprises is to take inspiration from others. Rather than look through the yahoo group images again I went to to see if the synchronicity of a reading would produce a useful starting point.

This is the reading I got:
Mother (Housewife), Success, Death, Achiever (click on the links to find out what the cards mean and who made them - these links are all to the site)

The site keeps on giving me death cards - I've had as many as three in a reading recently - at least I'm down to one here. I take all these death cards to show that I'm in a phase of rapid transformation. Currently I have one actual death card in my pack and also a couple of world event cards that can be interpreted that way (9/11 and Tsunami 2004).

As I was recording this reading I heard wings flapping against the window - I looked and saw a peacock butterfly that had just come in through the open door. My camera was handy so I took a photo of it then gently caught it and released it back outside. Looking at the butterfly's markings I saw that some looked a little like skulls - that inspired me to find an appropriate picture of a skull to use to emphasize this. All that seemed necessary apart from this was a black background - and then I realised that the card I've really been inspired by all through this is one that Imelda made last weekend - Going into the Deep.

I am One's for Mother of Transformation

I am One who reminds you that all life is changing. Life is change. Life is transformation. Death is one of the processes of change that is part of life.

In shadow, I am one who clings to things as they are and is not ready for change, yet that does not stop change happening, it only makes the process less comfortable and more scary.

I am One who wants you to open your arms to change and accept the transformation that is coming your way.


Jo said...

I hate to be singing the same old song, but I love this Mother of Transformation, fantastic wise words, sometimes visiting just brings me peace and serenity.

GreenishLady said...

What a wonderfully effective use of the skull image! I saw my first two butterflies of the year yesterday, sunning themselves on a warm rock. Transformation seems to be in the air.

Caroline said...

Jo - I'm glad my cards have meaning for you!

Greenishlady - thank you - I hope you were enjoying the sun too! Transformation is definitely in the air.

tinker said...

I'm viewing this card as a synchronicity - it's a theme that's been running through my mind the last couple of days (both my mother and grandmother died shortly after Easter - on different years).
Intriguing use of the skulls as the butterfly markings.