Thursday, February 05, 2009

Companion: Goat

Companion: Goat

This SoulCollage® was made digitally using goat images from:

kris247's Family of Goats, Hector Garcia's Goat, Dystopos's goat kid

I am One who helps you climb higher and be braver.

In Shadow I am One who can leap in too quickly...

I'm not sure which, if any chakra, the goat belongs too - it is however very much a companion that has been with me for over a year now.

I realise I haven't posted much here recently. I put more SoulCollage®cards on flickr in the Soul Collage Cards group. Some of them I keep private and are only available to be seen by members of that flickr group.


Lisa said...

I love this card! Yesterday I made some new cards. As I was ripping images I gathered a number of bears. I've never known that to be one of my companions but it seems to keep calling to me. Maybe I'll just make a card and see what happens. Thanks for the inspiration.

Michele Grace said...

Love your Goats! Wanted to share too that in astrology the goat is represented by planet Saturn [builder of new forms] and sign Capricorn. Saturn rules the 1st chakra in the body.

Caroline said...

Lisa - bears are fantastic power animals - shaman often have them to protect and guide them.

mlessirard - I had wondered about goat being chakra 1 but I have snake there. These are the companions I had Jan 07:
* Chakra 0 - Toad
* Chakra 1 - Snake
* Chakra 2 - Elephant
* Chakra 3 - Donkey
* Chakra 4 - Badger & Oak
* Chakra 5 - The Trees
* Chakra 6 - Crow
* Chakra 7 - Morning Glory
* Chakra 8 - Mistletoe

Maybe I need companions directly for each planet - that's not something I'd previously considered!

Anonymous said...

Lovely goat card. Goats are sure-footed, but still I almost always think of them in connection with the head, due to their horns and that head-butting reputation of theirs...

Caroline said...

Tinker - thanks - and yes that worries me...

GreenishLady said...

Glad I happened along to find a recent card. It seems there are some animals with which we have an affinity but that aren't linked to a specific chakra. I'm thinking of the bee for me. When a goat head-butts, is it something about wanting to stand his ground? There is a positive intent somewhere even in the seemingly negative traits, perhaps?

Anonymous said...

HI Carol...So glad I stopped by your blog! love your goats, they feel strong and pure - what a powerful combination!

I too have a few animals that I resonate with, but don't yet know which chakra they belong to...but they're "with me" anyway :) - The two I know for sure though, intuitively, are #1- Bear; #2 Turtle..lots of Turtle Love coming to me for sure- even through my mandalas:

My "mandala medicine" work also accesses my soul-voice :) -

take care! :) Cheryl

Caroline said...

Imelda - glad I had happened to finally post another card!

I've a feeling that Goat is actually for my Lung meridian.

And being able to breathe through any situation, even if that requires a degree of obstinacy!

Cheryl - hi good to see you - I'm Caro or Caroline please, not Carol! Sorry to be picky but to me Carol is someone else.

Bears and Turtles are wonderful power animals shamanically...

Snap said...


I checked out your feather -- wonderful print!

Thanks for stopping by!

Crafty Green Poet said...

what wonderful expressions in their eyes, good symbolism too!

Liz Fulcher, The Fragrant Muse said...

I love your cards, and your blog so much that I put your link on my blog. I am a SoulCollage Facilitator and the area I get the most satisfaction from is making aromatic soulcollage cards. I am an aromatherapist and the oils speak to me. You can see some of my cards here:

Caroline said...

Coo I'm a bit behind in replying to comments - sorry

Snap - it is great that you should be reminding me now, almost a year later about the feather lino cut - thanks!

Crafty Green Poet - thank you - I was lucky with the images I found

The Fragrant Muse - I love the idea of aromatherapy and soul collage together - I too love the aromatic oils... will visit... and thanks for waking me up!