Sunday, April 08, 2007

The Shaman & The Relaxation Teacher

4th Member of the Rainbow Council - The Shaman by Caroline
with a Creative Commons License that allows non-commercial use and further remixing provided all attributions are given and a similar license is given on new images.

Images used in this remix include from flickr with appropriate CC licenses:
Sunlight Under a Live Oak Tree by Old Shoe Woman
Regal Queen by laszlo-photo
Malachite Butterfly by rich66
Aspiring to Lucha Libre? by alumroot

I am One who is able to shift energy by shapeshifting.
In shadow, I am One who gets lost by shifting and forgetting I am me.
I am One who wants you to use shapeshifting to increase your strength, not deplete yourself.
For the sharp-eyed amongst you the above card has certain similarities with the Illustration Friday image I did for green in my other blog. That is a related but different card:

Relax in Green

5th Member of the Rainbow Council - The Relaxation Teacher by Caroline using Corel Painter IX

Images used in this remix include from flickr with appropriate CC licenses:

Here Be Squirrels by Nyx
Fluorite octahedron by MShades
Regal Queen by laszlo-photo
morning glory by only alice
nuez (a tropical nut) pendant with malachite inlay by kafka4prez
Graphium sarpedon by melop

I am One who relaxes by shapeshifting into things without emotion, or different ones.
I am One who uses the energies of my companions to increase my ability to relax.
In shadow, I am one who is so relaxed I do nothing!
I am One who wants you to be moderate in your use of this power.

If you are wondering if I really think I am bird or a tree or something like that, no, I don't mean that.

But have you ever used a relaxation tape that suggests you become a tree?
That is what I mean.

I've found it really important to not become a tree alone but to intend to be both a woman and a tree (or whatever) and once done to actively intend to be just a woman. And in the case of being a tree - 30 seconds is enough!


Joanna said...

The relaxation teacher...I like to relax floating on water..and I get a strong sense of this when I look at this card, I wonder if this card evokes relaxation in everyone who looks at it?

Hayden said...

especially love the bottom card - colors just make me want to sing!

Caroline said...

Jo - I'm glad you find it relaxing - it was of course designed to help me relax so I'm glad it helps you too.

Hayden - thank you! Singing is a lovely response.

Anonymous said...

Interesting how changing the background behind the fish does seem to change the feeling of the card. It's lovely still, but a different feeling. With the more autumnal look it reminds me of going back to a new school year in the fall - oh! schools of fish, just occurred to me, too...