Monday, March 19, 2007

Celebrations: Birthday Card

Birthday Card

Birthday Card by Caroline with a Creative Commons License that allows non-commercial use and further remixing provided all attributions are given and a similar license is given on new images. Images used in this remix are all from flickr with appropriate CC licenses:

I have a suit called Celebrations they include New Year, Summer Solstice etc. I'd been planning to do Birthday but was putting it off, then I got a kick to do it when I discovered it was a new friend's birthday on Feb 13th. I looked for images that it was okay to share so that once made I could also e-mail it to her straightaway.

It was one of those cards that practically made itself once I got going. I really like it and using it as a birthday card on the day of its birth seemed to be an essential part of its energy!

Suit: Celebrations
Card: Birthday Card
I am One who celebrates with you now, whatever your age, whatever the occasion.

In shadow, I am one who counts the years and regrets their passing; worrying too much about numbers, comparing the ages of everyone and not putting enough value on experiences.

I am One who wants you to value your time without regret for those moments of non-productivity - the moments of frippery and joy - they are a part of you that needs expression too.

I am One who can inspire great, if transitory, joy in your inner child.

I had been saving blogging this card for a suitable birthday to happen. I had almost sent it straight away to Seena, for the gallery, as I had just had a brief email exchange with her, initiated by reporting a blank image on I do wish I had as it would have been in time for Seena's 75th birthday - (for those who do not know Seena is the creator of the SoulCollage® process)!

I've checked my e-mail folders to see which card it was that wasn't showing - it was "Female Creator" (one of Seena's own) a mysterious aspect of it currently is that the page I've linked to shows the card with two words on it: Creator and North. But if you click on the card to see it larger the words disappear!

New I am One's:
I am One who tells you to trust your intuition to listen to both your concerns and your impulses. You know that no one part is the truth but amalgamated together they tell you what you need to know.

I am One who wishes you well but warns you that the ride ahead will sometimes be over rough ground and you may need your umbrella too. Enjoy both the sunshine and the showers.

In shadow I am here to tickle you once again with the knowledge that your intuition is far greater than you give it credit for - a truly bright spark out of an already bright card!

I am One who wants you to let go of all your feelings of sadness and regret - smile, blow out the candle and make a wish!

Thank you very much to Imedla, of the Greenishlady and Soul Fragments for letting me know how close I was.

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