Friday, March 16, 2007

Gracious Communicator

Rainbow Council - Gracious Communicator

I am One who will eventually lead you into a much more graceful way of communicating with others.

In shadow, I am one who finds humour too readily without communicating sufficient compassion.

I am One who wants you to curb your sarcastic tongue and your ripostes. You have improved but there's a way to go yet!


This image by Caroline has a Creative Commons license that allows further remixing provided the same license is used for resulting images.

This license requires that all attributions are given whenever it is published.

It is itself a digital remix of the following images available on flickr with appropriate cc licenses:

ionian sunset by Ron Layters

the glow after sunset by DanielJames

Masdevallia veitchiana by Boyd_


holly said...

Awesome card Caro! I love the vibrant hues. Such a moving piece.

Caroline said...

Thanks Holly - I love this one too... I'm sure its going to have a whole lot more to say soon!

tinker said...

I hadn't seen this one either - and I think I needed to see it!