Monday, March 19, 2007

Committee: Plunger

Plunger by Caroline with a Creative Commons License that allows non-commercial use and further remixing provided all attributions are given and a similar license is given on new images. Images used in this remix are all from flickr with appropriate CC licenses:
springs15.jpg by j.s. clark
Victoria Totems by Will Pate
Princess of the Park by cobalt123
Coyote by publicenergy

The little images on the right are also remixes for their credits see:

Gracious Communicator

This card was made today in an attempt to find the committee member who leads me to plunge in out of my depth so often. The little cards on the upper right are council cards that I've already made and major guides for this one. These two are Council as One and Gracious Communicator.

I've been adding in appropriate little versions like this most of the time though this is the first card I've blogged with them. I was guided to do this - my guides like me to acknowledge them not just as council members but also as actively guiding various aspects - and it does seem to help.

One of the advantages of working digitally is that its very easy to simply scale down an image to 15% and include it.

I am One who plunges in where fool's fear to tread. I am Coyote.

I am One who regrets opening her mouth and does not cope well with having coyote as a totem animal.

I am One who feels that I am drowning in this pool of self-induced emotion.

I am One who looks to help from my guides. Council-as-One and Gracious Communicator please help me to speak appropriately, to keep on telling the truth but in ways that communicate more effectively.

In shadow, I am One who doesn't realise when I'm about to put my foot in it. Others see it coming, but I do not.

In shadow, I am One who tries to laugh off my faux pas and makes it even worse.

In shadow, I am One who wants to play dead once I've danced the coyote dance.

In shadow, I am One who reminds you that you've plunged in many times and survived; often reaping huge rewards from your daring. You have thrived on baptisms of fire. Don't throw the baby out with the bath water.

I am One who would like you to take a deep breath before you plunge in - its so much easier to survive underwater with full lungs!


steve said...

I need to remember this, especially next time I go swimming. I'm really enjoying these cards caroline, and the thought you put into them.

Caroline said...

Thanks Steve - I'm working more instinctively than logically - the words all come later.

tammy vitale said...

this one too. this one really speaks to me. Love the idea of other cards in the corner, but my favorite is that rabbity figure in the upper left.

I'm learning Photoshop. Spent my first 30 minutes with it last night (for yesterday and today's 15 minutes). I'm a cut and gluer. I can't wait to try Photoshopping!
you can tell I'm focused on the process right now. The "I am..." statements are wonderful - but I am drawn to the process.

Caroline said...

Ah that rabbity figure was called "Coyote" which is how I found it - given that all my coyote finds have been called other names this one that doesn't look like a coyote but being called it seemed to complete the circle!

Coyote is a shapeshifter.

I wrote a long post on the soulcollage group about my process working digitally I might repost it here soon.

Robin said...

I agree with Steve--I love the fact you include shadow meanings as many people don't, and clearly you put a lot of thought into these. I also wanted to encourage Tammy in her pursuit of Photoshop. It is a very difficult program, but I found if you just start experimenting and looking up things on "help," you soon get the hang of the basics that enable you to cut things out on your computer, etc. Plus I have a "Photoshop 7 for Dummies" book that also helped me.
Best, Robin

Terri /Tinker said...

I can't believe how many of your cards I've missed seeing - this one especially!