Wednesday, March 14, 2007

New format!

Yesterday I ordered some printable tarot card blanks from PlainCards.

This means that I'll need to rework my images to fit in a different format. I've also decided that as much as possible I'll use flickr images with creative commons licenses that allow manipulation which are the only obvious source to me of images I can use, manipulate and then blog.

I've started by remaking my Council-As-One card and also from that designing a card back:


I am One who is able, if asked, to keep other guides and inner voices focused on their most valuable contributions to you.

In shadow, I am One who DOES need asking specifically - there are no shortcuts!

I am One who wants you to continue to look for more ways in which I can curb your excesses and moderate them via SoulCollage® cards.

Possible card back.


These images are both by Caroline and have a Creative Commons licenses that allow further remixing provided the same license is used for resulting images.

This license requires that all attributions are given whenever it is published.

These images are themselves digital remixes of the following images available on flickr with appropriate cc licenses:

Ephemeral Sea by jahdakine

White Sands by melastmohican

"Honesty" Lunaria also Money Plant by bc anna

Daisy Raindrop by audryjm529

I've previously blogged about the Rainbow Council subset of my Council cards.


Fran aka Redondowriter said...

The way you are doing this fascinates me. I have more than 125 cards, but have always cut and pasted as collages in the 5 x 8 format. I have framed some of my cards as gifts and, of course, 5 x 7 is a standard size. I assume you are working in layers in PhotoShop, right? I have never made a SoulCollage card in PS, but I would imagine more and more people are. I'm on Kaleidosoul, but I'm also a facilitator. Lovely work. I'll look at your cards in depth when I have a little more time.

tinker said...

Lovely - I especially like the crystalline (sp?) look of the possible card back.

Caroline said...

Fran - hi!

I use Corel Painter not Photoshop - its very painterly and when I'm not doing collage I like to paint in it.

I do love my 5x7 cards but as a card reader I feel the need for a much more portable set - before getting into SoulCollage® I'd been reading tarot and other cards since 1979.

I'm also being guided to make this subset / new set by my guides so I'm trusting I'll find suitable images with which to make them!

The idea of the facilitator training fascinates me but not yet... maybe never... I've a pattern of having to make things my own and that may not be compatible with such a training...

Tinker - thanks - I love this too but I'll wait until I see how well it prints on the new blanks before I commit to using it.

crowgirl said...

I love the card back, it draws me in. I can't wait to see how this works out for you.

Jo said...

Love the card and the possible back, gorgeous and peaceful.

holly said...

Great idea to use plaincards as a template. I'd love to make the cards on the computer. I do enjoy cutting up images, I do find that therapeutic and soothing too. Using a computer program sounds cool too, but I'd have to learn how to use one first! You have definately inspired me Caro. Your cards are phenomenal. Thanks for sharing.

Caroline said...

Crowgirl - hi! - thank you - I hope it prints well... I can't wait for those blanks to arrive... though in practise I suppose I shall have to!

Jo - thanks!

Holly - I have a Mac too - I'm planning on just working out my own template. It may take a bit of trial and error but I'm sure I'll find a way to print onto their cards. I'll do my first printouts onto paper and see if I can get them to line up with the card cutouts.