Thursday, March 15, 2007

The Seer

Rainbow Council - The Seer

I am One who brings you knowledge of other times and other places.
I am One who knows the future in its most likely forms.

In Shadow, I am One whom you deny, scared of the foreboding tides of doom that you detect.

I am One who wants you to be more courageous in facing the future and your foreknowledge of it.


This image by Caroline has a Creative Commons license that allows further remixing provided the same license is used for resulting images.

This license requires that all attributions are given whenever it is published.

It is itself a digital remix of the following images available on flickr with appropriate cc licenses:

Sunset Orchid by Aaron Webb

Amethyst by starmist1

Tomar - Church Entry Canopy Detail - Prophet by wordman1

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tinker said...

U thought I had seen all of the SoulCollage cards you'd posted - but apparently not@ This is beautiful, Caroline.