Monday, January 22, 2007

24 Companions

I've worked out 24 companion animals and plants:
  • Chakra 0 - Toad
  • Chakra 1 - Snake
  • Chakra 2 - Elephant
  • Chakra 3 - Donkey
  • Chakra 4 - Badger & Oak
  • Chakra 5 - The Trees
  • Chakra 6 - Crow
  • Chakra 7 - Morning Glory
  • Chakra 8 - Mistletoe
These are the 7 standard chakras plus Chakra 0 which is at the feet and Chakra 8 which is above the head.
  • Direction E - Jackdaw
  • Direction SE - Spider
  • Direction S - Black Puma
  • Direction SW - Butterfly
  • Direction W - Coyote
  • Direction NW - Snake
  • Direction N - Eagle
  • Direction NE - Salmon
  • Direction Above - Bat
  • Direction Below - Toad
In the model I'm using the directions represent:
  • East is fire and spirit
  • South East is ancestors
  • South is water, inner child and emotions
  • South West is self-image
  • West is is rock and introspection - Coyote here is a real warning about how easy it is to fool myself...
  • North West is karma
  • North is air, the complete adult and mind
  • North East is design of energy and constraints
Then I have:
  • Ground Connection - Mole
  • Spirit Connection - Wren

Using a different model of energy I get the Mole as my animal to help me ground my energy and the Wren is the one that helps me connect to spirit.

And from intuitive guidance rather than trying to fulfill any models:
  • Guardian to Collective Unconscious - Goose
  • Liver - Mandrake
  • Trap Door - Fly Agaric
So Goose protects me from those energies that are not so good in the collective unconscious... geese make excellent watchbirds! And according the the information on Wild Earth Animal Essences Canada Goose essence:
Helps one connect with life as part of a sacred circle. Supports one in knowing where one is going, of feeling always at Home. For becoming aware of the Great Cycle within and around us of birth, death, and renewal. Supports those who have lost their way and who wish to find their spiritual center. Supports one in knowing when to lead, and when to seek guidance and follow.
My liver has its own plant - Mandrake - not one I'd take by mouth but as a flower essence.

As does the trap door... this is that odd energy spot on the back of the head. When it first opens you get the feeling of a draft blowing through your head! Again another plant, the beautiful red and white fairy tale toadstool, I wouldn't take this physically but have used it as a plant essence.

For information on some animal essences see: Wild Earth Animal Essences
And for power plants and trees see: Green Man Essences

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