Saturday, January 27, 2007

4 cards for week: Renewal

As I've finally got most of my cards backed I've been able to do my first proper reading - this is it. If you look on my other blog you'll see that this week is one for which the word Renewal has come up. This is a reading for this week:

These cards are: New Beginnings, Black Panther, Snake, Creative One

I started off intending to do a 3-card reading which is how I've been reading cards recently. The first card, in this type of spread, is the key card and the next two either show constraints or expand on it.

New Beginnings is a Council card that I made prompted by a post on KaleidoSoul Inner Surprises. The picture here isn't all that clear - it shows a butterfly shape made out of yellow rock and wood, and another rock in the distance. These are the words that came with its appearance today:

I am one who:
  • Makes new things out of old
  • Sees all things as new
  • Has beginner's mind
In shadow, I am one who forgets that everything is made anew in each moment.

I am one who wants you to:
  • Remember that making babies or creating art both make the connection clearer but are not, in general, necessary as you are a carrier of the sacred flame that is life, in and of yourself.
  • Drink deeply of all life's experiences and to be made anew in each moment.
Black Panther is my companion for the South. This is the direction of the inner child, the emotions and water.

I am one who can support you in your emotions.

In shadow, I am one who tends to be lazy with respect to anything that isn't urgent.

I am one who wants you to ask the Council-As-One to regulate my laziness and to call me in to support you before its urgent!

This Snake is my companion from Chakra 1. (I have a different snake for one of the directions)

I am one who:
  • Has been sleeping most of the last 10 years and more.
  • Is ready to become fully engaged in a way different from before - this is a new beginning.
  • Has a tremendous appetite for life in all its forms; I don't distinguish between good and bad - I just live in the moment as though it were my first and last.
  • Keeps you ticking over even whilst I sleep. You will be surprised at your extra energy when I'm awake!
In shadow, I am one who
  • Stays asleep throughout a lifetime, even during the 49th year. This is a special year, a real time for awakening as is every 7th year thereafter. (The 49th year is the one when you are 48 - it finishes at age 49).
I am one who wants you to
  • Be more aware of your root chakra and how it holds your whole body.
I then got a message that I needed a 4th card to clarify something:

Creative One is the 3rd and Yellow member of the Rainbow Council subset of my council suit. It features a yellow butterfly on a yellow flower on yellow rocks with a yellow sky.

I am one who
  • Wants to emphasize that although it is not necessary to create art in the sense of the New Beginnings card, it is part of your essential nature to make art!

I was surprised at the Beginner's Mind interpretation of New Beginnings. I'd previously only got from it that it was one who got me to start new things.

I like the fact that the 4th card also contains a yellow butterfly, but this time a real one. Manifesting real art is part of my path.

After I'd got the Snake companion for chakra 1 I found this posting by Taexalia about her chakra 1 Snake. Before I saw that posting I'd completely forgotten that one of the classic ways of visualising kundalini energy is as a coiled snake in the root chakra that can be awakened to rise up through all the chakras. Now that this snake card has spoken it does seem to be an appropriate way of thinking about it.

Incidentally the 49th year business is probably based on the idea that each year we are focussed on one chakra, on (or near) our birthday we move on up to the next one, or back down to the root if on the crown. So in the 49th year we are in the crown chakra having visited each chakra seven times.


Joy Eliz said...

Very interesting! I've been checking out your sidebar links and have found some answers I've been looking for...
I always find answers when I visit your pages... Thanks!

Caroline said...

Joy Eliz - glad the sidebar was helpful - I spent far too long sorting it out yesterday!

Tinker said...

I'm a bit confused, what I understood from this, now that I'm 49, my 49th year is over? Can I get a second chance? :-)

Wish I could see your cards - I'm trying to picture them in my mind's eye - I may have them all mixed up though the yellow butterfly image in a yellow sky seems especially strong.

Caroline said...

Terri - sorry... when you are born you are zero and in your first year, yes?

But yes you do get another go... every 7 years so theres plenty of time to build up to the next one... however don't take this too seriously... it was a message for me... you may not have the same sorts of constraints on you!

In fact I'd be very surprised if you did... I'm very locked into these chakra year things though I don't know why.