Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Rainbow Council

I've now got 45 cards made in Painter IX and printed out - its felt like all I was waiting for was a nudge from the SoulCollage® book to open the flood gates and I've been riding the wave ever since.

Here are my cards so far:

  1. Bad Angel
  2. Blocked Artist
  3. Book Lover
  4. ClutterBug
  5. Curtain
  6. Hoper
  7. Hurt Body
  8. Inner Magical Child
  9. Lady Bountiful
  10. Mask
  11. Medicine Man
  12. One Who Wants To Live In The Country (not printed out yet, part done)
  13. Pattern Maker
  14. Pleaser
  15. Problem Solver
  16. The Cleaner
  17. The Doubter (printed out but already changing!)
I got the Blocked Artist done early so I could unblock as much as possible. This seems to have worked.

  • C1 - Snake
  • C2 - Elephant
  • C3 - Donkey
  • C6 - Crow
  • C7 - Morning Glory
  • C8 - Mistletoe
I also know what my animals / plants are for other chakras and energy bodies. I wasn't thinking of starting these at all until I got a series of Donkeys coming up synchronously - including a strong (but resisted) desire to buy a second hand book on the care of the donkey!

  1. Abundant Mother
  2. Daughter
  3. Death
  4. Glorify Patterns
  5. New Beginnings
  6. Northern Hunter
  7. SoulCollager - not happy with this one yet
  8. Strange Reflections
  9. Strength
  10. Unnamed One
  11. Wayfinder
Rainbow Council
  • 0 White: Council As One
  • 1 Red: Well Wisher
  • 2 Orange: Gracious Communicator
  • 3 Yellow: Creative One
  • 4 Green: The Shaman
  • 5 Greeny Blue: The Relaxation Teacher
  • 6 Blue: Abstractions Muse
  • 7 Deep Blue: The Healer
  • 8 Violet: Community Healer
  • 9 Purple: The Seer
Something that fascinated me was the way a subset of the Council formed. Each of these cards is predominately one colour and they form a rainbow of 9 colours. Once I had them the zeroth one: white - Council As One - emerged too. I love this!

  • GowaWaDaDan - ancestral male, met in dream
This is the nearest to a Community card that I've got so far.

  • Unity
Today its time to get mounting them onto pieces of mountboard to make them into a usable deck.


Anonymous said...

Amazing achievement, Caroline! I wish I understood more about them, I may have to go & do some research. I've always been a little nervous of Tarot cards until now...
Good Luck getting them all mounted, not that you'll need it as you seem to be on a seriously creative roll. Excellent :)

Caroline said...

Suzie Q - I know some people are nervous about tarot cards but they are just a way of letting synchronicity play. However the Soul Collage cards are such fun to make that even if you didn't want to play with them as cards you might find that you'd enjoy making some of your own inner selves - very therapeutic!

Anonymous said...

I'm so excited to see it all coming together, I find the names and groups and the inspired intuitive way you are putting it altogether fascinating.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Caroline. I'll have to do some more research on the Soul Collage thing... it sounds like a great idea. Hope you enjoyed your siesta, and that you find the place you want to live soon..
Thanks for all your recent comments, it's great to know you're there and I am fascinated by your blog! :)

Caroline said...

Jo - thank you - I keep getting surprised what comes - its a fun way to do work that feels meaningful too.

Suzie Q - I had a great siesta thank you - and today (Wed) I backed quite a lot of cards... until I ran out of the right sort of glue!

Caroline said...

And I meant to also say that I like commenting on your blog too and appreciate you visiting me. I'll go over and see you now.