Monday, January 01, 2007

Abundant Mother

Abundant Mother

This image is my first card made after reading the Soul Collage book. In that book's terms this is a member of the Council and I've called her Abundant Mother.

In tarot terms she is the Empress from the major arcana. I blogged about the Empress in November. On that day I'd drawn my own version of her copying a card from the Shining Tribe Tarot.

Recently I'd decided that the Ecstatic Trance Position with the energy of the Empress was that of The Corn Goddess Posture. A key feature of the reports of the use of this posture is that people feel they are being remade at the molecular level.

And of course we are being remade at that level all the time. This is life. When life stops and death takes over then our bodies stop this continual remaking. Once dead our bodies become slabs of meat that go off unless given outside help to preserve it. We maintain our life by consuming things which were once alive.

I started off this image with two pictures of mothers; one with a girl, one with a boy, and various other bits. But it only came together when I found the picture of the woman in the top layer. Her African features remind me that many archeologist's think that the human race originated in Africa, a black Eve, to be mother to us all. Of course we've no idea what sort of features the original humans really did have - our skulls don't even have noses! - but this is artistic license.

Here is what the image says to me:

I am one who cares, who provides, who creates.
I offer abundance to all.
You may reject my abundance feeling suffocated by my sheer generosity.
I'll dry up then.
But you only need open your heart once more and I'll give and give to you!


Anonymous said...

Hope you don't mind as I'm also watching your tarot blog with interest too!Thanks for visiting mine! I have ordered the artists way, although for me writing 'morning pages' is a bit off putting, although I will probably adapt it to suit my needs!

Caroline said...

The idea of morning pages is to provide an extra route for your intuition to contact you. They are also a way of helping process stuff. I've got lots of ways for my intuition to contact me and I didn't think I'd be getting all that much out of them this time around but it turns out I want to write LOADS - normally more like 5 or 6 sides not just 3!

I let myself doodle if there are no words to write.

Good luck with it whenever you start!

Anonymous said...

I absolutely LOVE the idea of combining Soul Collage and the Tarot and also of redoing the Artist's Way, making some of the path your very own by pulling in other resources. I think I will have to visit often! Thanks to Tinker for telling you about me which in turn led me right back to you! Don't you just love the web?

Anonymous said...

This card is wonderful - not just the images but the wording. Hopefully I have an Abundant Mother somewhere too!

Hadn't thought of doodling in my morning pages, might give that a try sometime when I can't think of what to write (yes, I may have given up on working through the Artists Way but I still try to do my pages).

Thanks too for listing my site. I'll be revisiting yours as I really do like your work - thanks for the inspiration & the comment on mine.

Caroline said...

Tammy - thanks for your enthusiasm! And yes I love the web. I've been doing my own variations of the Artist's Way for the last 11 years this time through was, for the first 6 weeks, the purest revisit I've done. It really is worth making it your own!

Linda - the Abundant Mother is for all I'm sure you'll have access to her too!

I kept my morning pages going for years after the first time through - but then I got stuck - wish I'd thought of doodling then!

isay said...

Terrific name and meaning for your first tarot card- I was looking at your card and reading the words at the same really symbolizes the true meaning of a mother.

Caroline said...

Isay - thank you! I really appreciate your saying that.

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful card. I love your description of the ebb and flow of abundance, rejection followed by opening your heart to receive.

Thanks for the link to my site.

Caroline said...

Eveline - thank you - I love the way the cards speak!