Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Strange Reflections

Strange Reflections

Strange Reflections - Council - Painter IX

I am one who looks at the world differently - I turn things upside down, left-to-right - I transform and recast them in a different light.

I am one who leads you to see all around, not just in front of your nose.

I am one who knows that sometimes you need to half-close your eyes and in the blur you will see everything more clearly.

I am one who helps you from getting lost in the detail.

I am one who delights when asked "which way up is this supposed to be?"

I want you to delight in that too.

Notice now how your face feels, the physical sensation of your smile. When you want to feel like this again ask for me and begin to make strange reflections.

And yes, I am the hanged woman recast in this card.


isay said...

usually, i would say oh this ia my favorite but i guess i cannot say that in any of your cards because each one is very interesting and unique. i like all the interpretations, too.

Caroline said...

Isay - thank you - its currently my favourite! And yes I suspect that will change over time but I love it right now.

Caroline said...

I love this. It is so beautiful. This card is so inspiring. I really really love it.

Caroline said...

Thank you Caroline! I might be sending a few copies out if you are interested in one just let me know.